Danny Masters is a guitarist based from Denver Colorado and currently residing in South West Florida. He has been performing professionally since 1981in various bands and as a solo classical guitarist throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He has released 10 albums/CDs in the original rock, blues and classical genres and has also performed with a number of jazz groups. 

His recordings have been aired on radio stations around the world.  His “Electric Babylon” cd released in 1997 helped garner attention to his electric guitar virtuosity in Europe and the rest of the world in guitar magazines including Guitar World in the U.S. The follow up cds “Til the Moon Goes Away” released in 2000 was strongly blues and jazz based music of mostly original songs but also a sprinkling of covers by Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, T Bone Walker and Thelonious Monk.  And then in 2006 he returned to high energy, virtuosic guitar songs with “Keepers of The Time” which featured a fan favorite neo-classical guitar extravaganza 

“Vienna” an unstated tribute to Mozart and Beethoven, as well as a time tested hit “Misery’s Saloon”. The former is a bluesy rocker akin to one of Danny’s favorite bands, Led Zeppelin.  


In 2010 Danny released a solo classical guitar cd “Cancion” to mass and critical acclaim.  It features masterpieces from South America, Spain and Germany as well as his own original composition, a four movement piece entitled “Suite Africa."

Aside from performing, he has been a sought after as a teacher both privately and at the University level since 1981.

He was asked to conduct master classes for various institutions including the Denver Classical Guitar Society, Colorado School of Music, Pro Sound, and Comcast ON DEMAND.  For Comcast he created short mini lessons covering basic techniques of classical, blues, rock and jazz guitar styles.  


He was also a judge for the Denver Classical Guitar Society’s annual competition as well as a regional judge covering four mountain states for Guitar Center’s "King of the Blues” contest for three years. 

Danny received his Bachelor's Degree in music from the University of Northern Colorado in 1986 where he graduated on the Deans list of Distinction his last two years.  He also than competed and won two scholarships for the prestigious University of Denver where he studied with world renowned guitar virtuoso Ricardo Iznaola.  He was awarded his Masters Degree from D.U. in 1989. 

Danny’s “Canción” cd has been broadcast on classical radio stations in the U.S., Europe, Canada and even Antarctica. Downloads and cd sales have been registered on all seven continents.  His original music has received airplay in Australia, and South America, Japan and the Middle East.  His music has also been used by Comcast and other television productions. Colorado Rock used his original songs as “bumper” music for their television show highlighting local and national music acts in his area.  Fans have added hundreds of videos on youtube, Facebook and all other social media of he and his various bands performing live and his studio recordings.  His music is shared by guitarists all over Europe and the rest of the world.  The local “School of Rock” in Denver included Danny Masters as part of their local legend series and had the students and teacher Ty Hughes perform two of Danny’s most popular songs “Winter Park” a sizzling guitar instrumental and “Texas Wind”, a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn, with Danny playing the lead at legendary music venue Herman’s Hideaway. 

He has also recorded cds of his original material with Zuriel in 1987,  Electric Playground in 1990, two releases by Mr. Hyde in 1992 and 1994,  Shards of Seven in 2005, Penchant in 2007 and many more contributions as a session player.  Danny is currently recording another classical guitar album to be released in 2018 entitled “Artiste” featuring another 77 minutes of classical masterpieces by Bach, Scarlatti, Giuliani, Turina, Albeniz and more. His recordings are available at this website and on CD Baby as well as streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.


In 1993 he was approached by local radio station KBPI to play with Steve Vai after a guitar contest on the station. Danny jammed with Steve Vai on the air for about 30 minutes before his show in Denver. Vai commented after hearing Danny play part of his famous “Crossroads Solo, Eugene’s Trick Bag” saying “I’m impressed!” and adding later “Everything your doing is great.”  Through the years Danny has also played in masterclasses for jazz guitar giant Johnny Smith who he jammed on Autumn Leaves with, Julliard guitar teacher Sharon Isbin, Jorge Morel, Abel Carlevaro, Juan Mercadel (Steve Morse’s guitar teacher), Ricardo Iznaola, Carlos Barbosa Lima, Michael Chapdelaine and many others.  He has also performed with several classical guitar quartets, trios, duos and octets with notable classical guitarists Masa Ito, Stephen Marcionda, Joel Christy and his affectionate guitar quartet “The Lost Ramirez” with E.J. Rodriguez, Michael Bevers and Jim Williams.


Danny and his wife Lori teach guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, voice and music theory/songwriting currently at the Colorado Music Institute.  In the past Danny taught many classes including humanities, music history and theory for 21 years at the Community College of Aurora, and 14 years at the Colorado Christian University where he was initially approached to teach jazz and rock guitar.  He also taught for many years at the Colorado School of Music. He is available to teach students online and in person.