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Rockin Horse
N2L Quartet
Danny Masters Band

Original music featuring a mixture of primarily rock songs and a number of works in which the guitar is the solo voice..  This music has been heard around the world and featured on radio, television and all manner of you tube and social media.

Vienna - Danny Masters
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Texas Wind (Tribute to SRV) - Danny Masters
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Misery's Saloon - Danny Masters
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Lawnmower Man - Danny Masters Band
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Cordoba by Albeniz - Danny Masters
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Julia Florida by Barrios - Danny Masters
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Gigue by J.S. Bach - Danny Masters
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Danny Masters Classical Guitarist

A selection of great masterpieces composed or arranged for the classical guitar spanning the last 400 years.  As a seasoned recitalist,  Danny has recorded two full length cds of audience favorites and also included his original "Suite Africa" on Cancion.

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